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Dirt Road Music Specials


Sunset Wedding Special

A Wedding to Remember!  

Invite your guest to your beautiful evening wedding @ your destination of choice. An affordable but beautiful option to a traditional Wedding Day.

Why do a Sunset Wedding?

Imagine a sunset wedding... nothing more beautiful than the evening on a beautiful Alberta night!

You don't have to spend money on a reception dinner, extra DJ hours, wedding planner time, caterers, etc.... All you need is your guest to arrive to witness your beautiful ceremony. Let the party begin after the ceremony in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying the Alberta Night Sky.

No stress for you or your bridal party. The wedding isn't for 5 hours after the traditional wedding. You got time to enjoy each other, time to share your last few hours together before tying the knot! 

Your guest get to enjoy your day without having to sit for hours waiting on the ceremony then finding something to do till the reception. They will appreciate and remember what a great time it was!

Why Not Do a Sunset Wedding?

Only reason we can think of: 

No time for pictures in between ceremony & reception! Breaking tradition: Pictures could be done ahead of the ceremony. 


You've done the ceremony, you could go directly into your first dances & reception line at the end of the isle. 

Now your guests have moved into a relaxed atmosphere and wouldn't mind being without you for an hour or two.

Could do an "Entrance Dance" at anytime that works for you when you are ready.

Sunset Wedding Package Includes:

Wedding songs of your choice for ceremony

Wireless mic for officiant

Dance music to follow.

First dance song.

It's your day, we are they to play!

You save $3,200.00

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